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Call us — on the mainland: 1-323-980-5500 — from Hawaii (toll free): 1-800-500-0225
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Los Angeles, California

   Telephone: (323) 980-5500

   FAX: (323) 981-6851 or 266-4627

   Postal address: 10615 Ruchti Road, South Gate CA 90280

   E-mail:   Warehouse

Honolulu, Hawaii

   Oahu & Maui Agent: Chin Lee

   Telephone: (808) 220-1204

   E-mail:   Chin Lee

Office and Warehouse personnel in Los Angeles, California 323-980-5500 or Toll Free from Hawaii 800-500-0225

Contact Name Position Direct # Main # Ext.
Irwan Prayogo General Manager 323-318-9472 107
Denny Rosco-Lualhati Manager 323-318-9470 105
Duke Pina Operations Manager 323-318-9473 108
Alma Carmona Asst. Manager 323-318-9471 106
Julissa Manzo Cust. Svc Specialist 323-318-9465 100
Daniel Cervantes Asst.Ops. Manager 323-318-9469 104
Shivon Flores Supervisor / Accounting 323-318-9468 103

    Please note that the '800' line only functions from Hawaii to the above extensions.

Honolulu, Oahu Trucker — Kano Trucking

   Located just off of Sand Island at 224 Mokauea St.

   Telephone: (808) 848-8099

   E-mail Kano Trucking

Neighbor Island Truckers

Maui BB Trucking & Storage (808) 877-3966
Hawaii Kona Trans (808) 935-4981
Fax:(808) 934-8105
Kauai Kauai Freight (808) 245-1919
Kauai Kauai Veterans Express (808) 245-3553